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How To Express Your Dissenting Political Viewpoint Through Origami

by rap legend Jesse Dangerously

A Single Gay Male On His Thirtieth Birthday (1.Doubt 2.Lonely 3.Nightmare) Jesse Dangerously Origami [Doubt] Just another day on the calendar, yesh yesh Y'all, up in the club, wearing my lavender mesh vest Sat down next to this kid, a hung youngster Wearing a t-shirt that said "Cum Dumpster" I took him home, being something of a muddyfunster And we did the monster mash, like the Munsters It wasn't no Thing, but boy did I Lurch When he got up in the morning, got dressed, and went to church Just the night before he'd offered me his ass to breach And now he had a mass to preach and a class to teach? Damn, he's a minister - he kicks it Jesus Christ style Now I feel like he must be judging me and my life style For real though, a minister, I wonder what the reason is? Where have all the cowboys gone? The drag queens and hedonists? Come to think of it, I can hardly even remember The last time I wore fetish gear even as late as September Shit, am I getting old? My abs have started to soften I'd better get down to the YMCA more often These days I use caution, I used to be reckless I had it eight times a week and had a straight boy checklist Used to have coffee and sausage for breakfast, best of all I never had a moment of concern for words like cholesterol Testosterone was my chemical of choice, I was high on lust Iron cock and balls, but I suppose even iron rusts But hey, let's not go nuts, I still look damn good And still haven't got any doubt as to my manhood I'm down to like put it in the place where you sit on I'm going downtown tonight and I better get hit on [Lonely] Home alone again, twenty nine years and threehundredsixtyfour days After my birth... I need another lite beer I like my life right here, your average white queer But looking back at my childhood, it seems like lightyears Ostracized by my peers in school, glad that's behind me But will anyone think I'm beautiful when I'm ninety? Not to put it too finely, I've been so concerned with getting cuter That I've never made any kind of plans for the future Never learned about computers or long term investments Blithely living hand to mouth, avoiding the big questions Felt like I was destined to remain a swinging bachelor But these one night stands are starting to leave me empty I want to call my mom but she seems so uncomfortable She never really thought my lifestyle choice was wonderful Under all the hurt, though, I know she still cares about Her baby boy's overall conditions and whereabouts I should call her, it's been two years or thereabouts 'Cause last time I was so hurt when she got up in my hair about Wasn't I over this yet? Time to be bland, average And give her grandchildren - like what do I look like, Dan Savage? I feel more like Buddy Cole and being a stereotype bothers me But it's been a struggle to fit in where I go, like sodomy Heh... it's getting late, I'm sobering up, time for beddy-bye There'll be plenty of time for introspection when my thoughts are more steady I know it's petty, but right now, it hurts me the worst way To be a single gay male on his thirtieth birthday [Nightmare] (various samples of speeches given by Westboro Baptist Church pastor Fred Phelps, taken from their website in 1999 or 2000)
Damaged Senses (free) 03:47
I make this music for Fifteen children with damaged senses Broken down social skills and defenses I demand expensive vacations and adventures Saving time with a technique that shampoos and conditions Transmissions via arcane hand positions I'm like the Pansy Division of the No Limit Army An eight digit code identifies me as non-partisan Friendly enough but essentially a solo-artisan My style is hard, as in extremely difficult to master I developed it in the Bassment of Critical, the bastard Son of convention and dissention, a confusing developmental Proccess, at once inventing and fusing elemental concepts not buying into it, but renting an illusion, paying dues To no-one, refused to stay amused and now I play the blues Rave reviews and critical pans, shaping views, political stance Ambiguous, brilliance swathed in ignorance Unseen Sentinel, akin to Will'O'The Wisp yet ever-vigilant I don't exactly lisp but I have trouble with my sybillants Asthmatic jazz-addict, hard consonants and pop filters Influences on my sleeve, yet somewhat off-kilter Not guilty, the air in this room is hot and filthy If you're feeling it, then deal with it, if not, then kill me All silly bugger-ups and zero gravity aside Analysis determined that your rhyme had to be a lie Realize, recognition can't touch my total recall Of events, you're offensive and you're not my vocal equal Of ALL people, MCs should be attentive and alert and Never gainsay Jesse Dangerously, that's for certain You're a picture of health and I'm hurting for a fix Literate person, Levar Burton lyricist Impossible like pyramids, incorrigible like children Futuristic throwback, at once deplorable and brilliant Adorable chameleon with no fixed abode and Wearing water wings because the coast is eroding Holding forth on a variety of matters Kicking it ambiguous because my ideas are scattered Confused from the way I've been battered and bruised Commercial artists seem even sadder in hues of purple I never meant to edify, I figured that instead if I Founded a City Of Truth that it would be idiot-proof The video proves every item in my testimony's legit Better than veterans, but I guess I'm only a kid In your opinion. when I'm wack, it's not an accident Rattle castanets, job one is being passionate Precise and purposeful, pursue props with perseverance Sometimes it feels like def delivery's my only prayer for deliverance Belligerance is second nature, eyedroppers of echinacea Public Remedy number one is lots of decorations For the shoppers when they're chasing that elusive self esteem Brand X, Flavour Flav, Gargamel, Scooby Doo and He-Man ..I'll be seen and heard henceforth 'cause I'll remain behind when the last bird heads north Enthralled in the art, I won't even know if it's winter yet I'm so glad I met certain people on the internet It must have been kismet, 'cause I was a fan to begin with It's a fantasy, given this chance to be in this man's business The princess and the pea, is this misanthropy? I've got the good juice, foot loose and fancy free Emancipated from a room that's oppressively warm With my shirt off and underwear suggestively torn I've been thinking that it might be best if we warned As many people as we can before we aggressively swarm The corporate installments in the capital city I'm sick of this contemporary rap, it's all shitty And that sentiment brings me to the completion of this steeplechase, so just Swallow for now, and hear what the people say
One day, I'm going to be raised up in glory - famous. I'll attend the Grammies with my good friends Jewel and Tori Amos I'll talk to everyone, I'll barely pause from my first breath Except to frown at Courtney Love, because I blame her for Kurt's death And Shania Twain will walk up to me, wearing a buckskin vest And confide to me, privately, that she's been much impressed By everything she's heard from me, and would I like date her? And I'll reply "You'd like Melissa, I'll introduce the two of you later" Then, leaving the girls to talk amongst one another, I'll advance To a clear space in the lobby, and stop a while to dance Only to be interrupted by Tom Waits and Leonard Cohen, seeking autographs And some fool says "look, it's John Lennon" - yeah, I get a lot of that Later I'll rush to my seat, without a lot of slack to take up since I'd cornered Brian Warner for half an hour to swap make-up hints And although a nominee and a performer, I'll also be a presenter Since a name like mine creates a draw and they like me front and center And I'll eschew the teleprompter's canned and corny, played and trite shit To flirt with my copresenter and the audience warmly, displaying my speed-of-light wit And everyone will like it, I'll be the darling of every tabloid Since they saw me through the libel case I was hit with from Bad Boy I'll make the worst dressed pages, still, but I won't let it get to me I'll just console myself with yet another cosmetic tonsilectomy Body modifications? You bet your life, now listen here Talk about liposuction, I swear to God I'll damn near disappear! Callista Flockhart and Fiona Apple will express concern for my health But we'll talk and they'll both agree I've got to learn for myself. Understand this-I'll be the planet rocker, having dragged myself to the top of the heap the hard way And I'll finally get to see my own production of JesusChristSuperstar on Broadway Shebang X action figures, lunch boxes and an animated, feature length Biography, an internationally franchised Jesse's Own pizza chain An odessy of celebrity, stand up comedians will target me Bumble bees will make honey just for me 'til it's hard to be humble Gee, I can't wait for this to come about, I'm ready when the world is Take me now, please, I'm ready... I wanna be a STAR
These lemonade drinking renegades thinking they can Get away with sinking ships, these hypocrites seen better days Animals, criminals, little kids, chemicals Snips, snails, fishermen's tales & squids' tentacles Sensibility and sense, prejudice and pride. Nice Guys finish last with a side of chicken fried rice I got sick and died twice, Resurrection Brothers take Care of me, I spoke out in class today like Jeremy Let them eat cake while I break beats I'm getting over my weak state, but it could take weeks To fully regenerate the blood and limbs lost in the struggle. (Will you make it?) Well that depends, boss, On whether or not you're willing to make a sacrifice If you decline, it's alright 'cause I'm gonna ask you twice In fact, I'm a persist until it's settled, one way or the other Check the time on my wrist, it's Sunday, word to mother I'm a karma karma karma karma karma chameleon With the arm leg leg arm head fire alarm alien I be the Tom Sawyer with the sneaky labor force delegation And I'm working on improving my caber toss elevation Meteors strike out of an orange-colored sky With space junk as I hum a funk lullabye Are we not men who eat boiled owls? Or are we astro-men...? Faces adorned with royal scowls and common courtesy Is lost now that everyone and their mama's heard of me You can't stay calm observing me, my antics are absurd And if I'm frightened, I become frantic and disturbed And when I'm writing rhymes like this, I get raised hair and Shivers and I lose my common sense and run with a pair of scissors Terrorists are not allowed beyond the time alotted Or you could wind up wearing a fishing line, garotted If not blown to bits, they've been known to mix Cocktails of the Molotov sort, carrying shotguns They sawed them off short. It's a BAD DEAL When you've got fake people saying "shit is mad real"
chorus: |:I'm getting stupid like I was in school in reverse Wasted time, I was never cool in the first place and:| Time fills my hands completely, weighing 'em down I'm like a turtle on my back, laying around I can't get up, I haven't got the drive at all Life moves faster than I do, I can't survive it all I'm no longer certain I was right to eschew college Maybe I'd be happier if I worked to pursue knowledge Maybe I'd have a job by now if I wasn't so frightened Maybe it's about time I got my driver's license A blank sheet is my resume, I can't apply myself To anything but music, I spend days by myself Surrounded by speakers that I didn't achieve on my own Sometimes you might almost believe I'm alone Except that I'd be dead and gone without so much as A ripple without my most valuable crutches My family and friends keep me alive in many ways But I'm still not much good and I don't like myself anyway [chorus] I never endeavor, but it's not for lack of trying For ever and ever, my eyes are black from crying I want to sail away from myself and my bruised emotions Visit alternative shores and cruise the oceans I can't face eternity starting from the Grace Maternity Hospital, I can't face mortality cause it's impossible I sometimes dream that I'm attractive and clever instead of boring But then reality snaps me out of my neverending story I'm not atreyu the warrior, I'm not even bastian bux Living in this world of unrequited passion sucks I find myself bothering with every little thing or Nothing while giving the important stuff the middle finger [chorus] I'm opposing forces, myself and I have to fight I represent me, I've got my back tonight Know what I'm saying? It's not exactly reassuring My mutual annihilation is practically a sure thing It's the one self duel and I'm caught in the crossfire The troops have all deserted and the battle is lost. Higher Powers protect my existance even while mocking it Do I feel like this or am I depressed and talking shit? Jesse standing Dangerously close to the edge Hoping that I know the ledge. I ride a raincloud To the sun... I wish I could touch the sky Scared to die but I want so much to fly.... But I see too much disorder in the rorschach design Of my life so I'm stuck to the earth for lack of trying
Wicca Puffer 05:58
Ten Westphal 02:35
I saw you wearing a purple gem, I think it was amethyst And in your Hollywood shades you look very glamorous I'm apple-cinnamon... Abyssinian, fake I'm crazy and spinning in Casey & Finnegan's wake Admit that it's over, and time to begin again I'm wearing my street clothes, but still going swimming in The pool where the challenge is to wrestle with the undertow That's forty-nine MCs down - fifty-one to go! And I'm running out of breath, I'm coming stranger this time I'm out of school, but I'm still Jesse Dangerous Minds I've got the Substitute rhymes, don't talk on 187 One man's hell could be one lady's heaven I rock philosophical, cosmopolitan Hyperbole, cock and bull... sometimes I'm falling in The categories I've categorically railed against How can I be so happy and simultaneously filled with angst? I'm holding something back, something intangible I can almost feel it, but my quest seems unanswerable Explain to me, make it clear to me, say a word to me Stay with me, show your face to me, give me surgery Be my friend, hold my right hand, hold my left hand Hug me, save me from myself and save me from the next man Tell me I'll be all right, tell me I'll be safe Hold me close to earth 'cause I'm afraid of outer space And now the race seems to favor Energizer bunnies Slow and steady wins a second wind and thicker skin Please God, let me keep my pain as a memento But save me from the centre of the olive, with no pimento I'll try to keep an open mental, here's looking at you And seeing my reflection in a broken window YESH YESH Y'ALL TEN WESTPHAL YESH YESH Y'ALL AND IT'S A COLD PLACE YESH YESH Y'ALL TEN WESTPHAL I POUR MY HEART INTO MY BRAIN AND SPIT MY BRAIN INTO YOUR FACE hold me love me kiss me hug me fuck me save me save me save me
You maintained a claim that you were dope but where's the evidence at? I keep my credentials safe underneath this medicine hat Bakayaro, you'll drop like a ton of bricks, drink Tea of the rose hips and today the sun's eclipsed Once terrific, persona-non-grata Self-propelled, dead in the water Connection made, send and recieve Carrier dropped, bend and retrieve Never meant to believe, incredulous Unable to grasp what's been said to us Lazarus project, resurrected in Nazareth Call me mister synonym for hazardous Gather us together, transport in cattle cars We'll write our names on one another in battle scars ..Out for the fame, recognition Advance Dungeons and Dragons, second edition Wrecking magicians, hunting bakuretsu Fronting hard like no attack will get through Said to be invincible, or at least a bad ass Focus on the family, word to Natas Kaupas Show us courtesy, give us our daily dose Lunatic P, Neptune and Helios Mares eat oats, but Ginzu3 already told you that And went on to twist it into a vulgar rap Holler at me, pigeons and scrubs alike Make your own de-cisions, for the love of mike Suffer the slings and arrows of fate Outrageously close, a narrow escape There I was, nape of my neck exposed To vampires, and had to wait for the next episode Same bat time and bat channel, guys Rock it in five and find yourself analyzed (George Carlin: Occupation Foole; "He's good, God damn!") Once terrific, persona-non-grata Self propelled, dead in the water Connection made, send and receive Carrier dropped, bend and retreive Never meant to decieve, unfortunate Tugging at my sleeve, importunate Quit forcing it, let it flow You heard it but don't get it, though Partisan politics, different ball of wax Wait until you've got all the facts straight Master Ace, a walk in the valley Eighty-Eight, rocking the Ballys Kangol, Cazals, Adidas Visited our private hells and freed us Off of the pointed stick into the campfire The Rebels can be as bad as the Empire Strike that iron while it's hot and malleable My philosophy is not infallible Animal . impulses The robot . convulses Thin skull syndrome, not strong A prisoner in your own dot com Listener, you've fought long for this But tell me it's not ominous that Things are starting to fall into place I assembled the great pyramid from Kinder Eggs Win the race to lose your ego and your House was built by Ivo Shandor (4/4) Candour reigns mainly on the plains of fascination Premature emasculation from the strains of adulation Trust exaggeration, I think I may have lost you with Invisible kissable huggable squeezable lovable feasible postulates Lost your wits? Please don't hesitate To borrow mine along a straight and narrow line Oh Carolina, raas bumba claat Espousing misogyny cause your tongue to rot Understand son, you're not equipped In this neighborhood, run your hockey stick Three fingers sticky from the honey pot Get ready, here it goes - that's the money shot
Unpopular, unprecedented, unparalleled Undestructible, supersonic carousel Unorthodox, unusual anarchist, the Sex educator and I don't smoke cannabis No manifesto will escape unmolested My oral cavity is electric like Uncle Fester's I spit sparks and I'm shocking when I'm talking I'm cooler than a meat locker, the lord chief rocker Number one king of nine zero two. MCs quake In sock feet and get eaten like cheesecake Over rock beats and jazz breaks, country music Big band swing songs, and you can call me King Kong Jimmy Ray sucks, the only way of stopping him Is carrying him up to the top floor and dropping him Suckers can't deal, they run and get their pistols To pop Sixteen, but haven't got the wherewithal Cor blimey, none of you slimey salamanders Could last one round with the Great Alexander I'm building libraries and burning college dorms Trouble's on its way in knowledge form nineteen seventy-nine It's trouble brewing I can smell the fear of the suckers a mile away Banks are criminals, just smile and say thanks For the memories, scars and trauma Terror on the mix, microphone carbomber Gimme a stage and you can trust me to lose it With a different definition of industrial music ..Going nuts on a hot fudge sundae Runway models and I don't like gunplay ..Bumba claat, Bangladesh, breaker one nine Demolition derby, everything breaks sometimes Cairo to Budapest, put me to the test, clock This marathon, I don't even need a rest stop Pissed off, powerful, suckers are panicking Petrified, posed in a position like a mannequin I'm a fanatic and a total nutcase to boot MCs, time to face the truth! You're fashioned in a factory, forgotten in fifteen Minutes. I've seen the future, you're not in it. I'm taking over using break beats, rock and roll Rhymes unlimited and primitive thought control I time travel and skewer the wack with a rhyme Javelin... if you were to practise You'd have a much higher chance of surviving Than you would with those foolhardy plans you're devising Scan the horizon, looking for escape, getting Anxious to be out of the way, like Cape Breton You expect the storm at any minute It's trouble brewing Nineteen seventy-nine I appeared in a flash of light Now I'm headed for the afterlife I've got things to do, facts to face, wax in crates to lacerate (problems to exacerbate, I must amass the breaks) At faster rates so backs will break and all of that's at stake This could be my only chance, but I refuse it, I'll Never leave the planet while I'm still highly musical Bring it on, break it down, beat me to a pulp in the Pavement, Word to adult entertainment! Skulls been arranged in position for my drum kit And I'm a pacifist, now ain't . that . some . shit? Rhymes and beats unfit'll get better profits Scavenging for lyrics at the dead letter office Electro-encephallographic novelty shops I could be the next big thing, but probably not Bad moon rising, negative omens and hanged necks No way of knowing Shebang X
Sweet Venus... on clear autumn nights like this one... I can imagine my own Personal constellation, it looks just like her and tempts me I'm not a player-hater, I'm a player-disliker-intensely Incidentally, a hell of an MC with a penchant for manly hubris Recommended by four out of five licentious Stanley Kubricks Rude and difficult like Rubik's Cube, shy of a load by a few bricks Known to recite children's verse in bus shelters at night just for the acoustics Gentlemen, grab your gluesticks! I'll make every man-jack of your crew sick With my bebop/rocksteady/Brahms' Lullabye/funeral music! I want my face on the crucifix, I want my name in the papers The glory and pride of my country, the private shame of the Quakers Amish Paradise Lost in the Superbowl Shuffle of a stacked deck I beat the written word into oblivion until little remains but a black speck Mack Truck! I'm nothing but a float in the motorcade Sick fuck! On speaking terms with several girls under voter-age Slow to rage, early to bed, cautious but never chicken Running figure-eights and perfect circles around the clever dickens! Nine eyes on the clock that's ever tickin' towards the Rapture I'll remain an upper echelon Pokémon - hard to capture! At the first hint of disaster, the sucker turned white as a sheet! "And we sent him cry-y-ing down the street!" Punk rock passionate, anti-taxidermy activist Devil's advocate, technically excellent rebel strategist Satyriatic satirist, catastrophic catalyst Cacophonic cat person, captain of the Nautilus ..I oughta bottle this rap fluid and hawk it to the Girlies on the left who's gonna rock it to the early morn In fresh mode, yesh y'all, pops filtered with pantyhose If I was a gangster rapper I'd represent my colours in ANSI codes . Strike a nasty pose and make a clever retort To a dis record that sampled Björk or Weather Report I would never resort to underhanded principles When I could stand tall in my hidden fortress wonderland, invincible The mission be damned, it's only sensible to listen And learn, even presented with an indefensible position Your fanciful suspicions have me branded with a pentacle Well BIG DEAL, so what if I was? I'm a Sentinel! Tentacle . PORN reborn, my resurrection was fraternal I live up to the hype, unlike Reflection Eternal Two kernels of advice: first, I recommend walking for your health Second, girls - let your fingers do the talking to yourself Wearing moccasins for stealth, sucker was still indiscrete Take notes on this one, kids, 'cause I'm the baddest nimble Linguist who still considers multisyllabic rhymes a status symbol English is my theme park, I'm the carney at the tilt-a-whirl Regrettably, so vicious like Milton Berle celebrity roasting I'm replacing Emily Post and Lucy Maud Montgomery officially It's not amiss to construe this as a summary dismissal, G Misery . full in effect, I remember when It was still okay to call rappers wack and then dismember them How are you, gentlemen? Step in the camper van! The greatest minds of our time were connected with ampersands! But that's about to change because I swear I'm the best since DJ Jazzy Jeff and the Fresh Prince! Take it off, you can't see me in infrared Making light of your injuries, taking a bite of the gingerbread House, moving gingerly out amongst the people, right? With two in the chest, just doing my best to smile and be polite Evil like cute kittens. It's so regrettable That you seem to feel that my rhymes are edible A blessing to the medical profession, rhyming nonetheless I'm out - I think you'll want to take some time and convalesce. Sleep now!
There's antimony arsenic aluminum selenium, And hydrogen and oxygen and nitrogen and rhenium, And nickel neodymium neptunium germanium, And iron americium ruthenium uranium. Europium zirconium lutetium vanadium, And lanthanum and osmium and astatine and radium, And gold protactinium and indium and gallium, And iodine and thorium and thulium and thallium. There's yttrium ytterbium actinium rubidium, And boron gadolinium niobium iridium, There's strontium and silicon and silver and samarium, And bismuth bromine lithium beryllium and barium. There's holmium and helium and hafnium and erbium, And phosphorus and francium and fluorine and terbium, And manganese and mercury, molybdenum magnesium, Dysprosium and scandium and cerium and cesium. And lead praseodymium and platinum plutonium Palladium promethium potassium polonium, And tantalum technetium titanium tellurium, And cadmium and calcium and chromium and curium. There's sulfur, californium and fermium, berkelium, And also mendelevium einsteinium nobelium, And argon krypton neon radon xenon zinc and rhodium, And chlorine carbon cobalt copper tungsten tin and sodium. These are the only ones of which the news has come to Harvard, And there may be many others but they haven't been discovered.
Otherworldly 02:24
Time stands still and, looking around, you're not certain what is Real. You're sick of people trying to tell you how to feel About the green stars, blue clovers, but of course you Can't quite figure out the miniature yellow horseshoes Clandestine transactions in the dark corners distract you from The risk at hand and soon you're getting sucked up in the vaccuum You hacked through some foliage and found a treasure chest Of sample loops, organised in groups that sound together best You started walking through this middle earth and soon a little Smurf Approached with nervousness and offered you some goods and services You asked to see his wares and he produced a brew of mandrake Peanut butter pancakes and tickets to a clambake, After you examined them, he spoke and said "Hey man, take The whole shebang for five cents" and offered you a handshake You looked the gift horse directly in the kisser Sniffed and sighed, thought a while, and tried not to smile When you realized that this wasn't just a bargain too Good to believe, he was grossly undercharging you Your conscience made you say "no thanks" and offer the advice That he should think twice before lowering the price to where It's ridiculous. He thought about it, chewing on some licorice And asked if you were ticklish. Then the sky inverted colors and you lost your concentration You forgot your father's birthday and your locker combination Then all of a sudden, you knew that you were on a mission That would take time and effort and a grasp of long division So you sang a song that didn't have a tune or any lyrics And you banged a gong that summoned four and twenty friendly spirits Their auras were blue and light purple, they flew in tight circles And spoke in irritating whiney voices like Urkel They left you with your pockets and your cavities filled And a complete collection of tapes by Björk and Gravity Kills And the deed to a house in some place called Amityville And then you seemed to wake up, but you didn't really wake up You just dreamed that you woke up, you didn't really wake up But you brushed your teeth and hair and did your make up. And then Somebody spoke and you went into a dream but at this point it Only served to make you that much more disjointed Suddenly you were flying due to awe inspiring forces And you looked down in mirth at metal roads for iron horses And started laughing at it all, the heartless mathematical Godforsaken world, and then you saw a naked girl And then you woke up for real this time.
Give it to me straight, without the runaround apology I couldn't wait for the underground astrology ..It's funny, floating weightless in a cavern Beneath the Earth's surface, fulfilling man's first purpose Weathering your worst curses, spitballs and spiteful glares Turnaround is fairplay, and Phats is the rightful heir I'm set to make it known, I don't intend to take the throne I'm not down with breaking bones, play it that way, I'm staying home I'm just a girl in the world, so don't give me any shit I'm giving back, being wack has benefits So you're selling crack and giving all the proceeds to charity? That's not just dichotomy, that's downright disparity Hypocrisy, but who am I to criticize when I myself May not peddle addiction, but nor do I share the wealth I see the stars in the sky, we work in the game plan Covet the cars and the fly t-shirt with the name brand It's insane, man, and when the powers frown on your luck You don't get down off your horse, you just get down off a duck And paint your toenails red to hide in cherry trees Who says this doornail's dead? Don't try to bury me! I may be sheltered by the bedrock above but don't Stab me in the ventricle and then talk of love BITCH If the glove fits, you've found your prey, it's time for Calling off the dogs and nothing's easier than falling off a log. Give it to me crooked, I hope I never comprehend I've gone beyond the end of my tether, talk about the weather Is it gonna rain blood? Has the black sun's heat been waning? Say something positive, you don't have to keep complaining Give it a rest, give me a break, give me a hug Bundle up and don't catch that arhythmea bug Can you see what has meaning, and what's nothing but rhetoric? Arithmetic, I'm bound to catch my death of wreck, so hurl your Epithets until you miss my shameless target My older, younger sister's name is Margaret Regardless of the position of my axis, I'm hard as love Evidence of remission of my taxes, to God above Dear God, I wonder can you step to me? Since the virgin mary had a half-price hysterectomy Lesson 3 clearly states that no man is an island But a comment in the footnotes denotes that I'm a continent Smiley face ascii in a dominant style, erase prominent figureheads Method of birth control is cigarettes Sharp pains accompany the rending of your ligaments These gentlemen are figments of a cruelly twisted thought proccess I've fought progress to the limits of endurance Despair delivers us unto cynics and current affairs Raise the premiums of life insurance. Beware Quick fixes, unless the damage warrants repairs ...The path of poetry is tricky and rigorous I circumvent obstacles by keeping it strictly ambiguous While you're reaching for the top in a frantic scrabble My head is wrapped in clouds of semantic babble
Heterodoxy 03:57
"I can't make another piece of art that glorified bloodshed, violence and brutality" "What I need is someone like you, who likes to listen to a man like me!" Hellllld captive like Narcissus; living through gauntlets of artifice Dauntless but I don't want this, I want no part of this Action. Distraction, sleight of hand, magic The world I want to live in is kind of fantastic Unrealistic, perhaps, idealistic certainly I need peace for me, I feel it with urgency Even from my vantage point, I believe it pertinent To express distaste for violence and punishments Permanent improvements will never be achieved by treating symptoms There are better methods than cruelty to avoid being victims It's time for beating systems, instead of horse carcasses None of us wants to admit what a powerful force darkness is Inverted Narcissists, misunderstanding our affections Unable to direct them towards our own reflections Festering infections turn us against their symbiotic kin Scared of our skins and so-called erotic sins Nothing but neurotic robot slaves on the worst of days Might as well go for a soda, much as it hurts to say Complicating for simplicity's sake, with pullies and ropes Mother, you children go to school to deal with bullies and dope And that's the way it always has been, don't believe the Retrospective hype, little good comes from memories of the selective type I used to think that left was right, but now I think I see past it And I'd rather move politically on the Y or Z axis To be precise - I'm a pacifist, against bloodshed and wars and While I'm pro-choice, I can't say I'm pro abortion Pro liberty, pro fidelity and I support pornography I don't believe in national identity - I am not geography I completely support alternative and ambigous sexuality But I don't believe in gay rights because law is not reality No political body has the authority to determine the validity Of your inner self, lifestyle, favoured fetish or proclivities So stick to your activities - give a cry of "Fuck the man!" and fuck a man It's better than a rainbow bumper sticker on your truck or van In the end, all you need is your own damn self to qualify There's no God to forgive you, but it can't hurt to apologise But then again, what have you got to be found guilty of? Vanity? Avarice? Cruelty? Or conventionally filthy love? Nobody's perfect, all we can do is our personal best And in the end, no individual is really worse than the next Perversion is bliss, and ignorance an overrated attribute Ask Knowself about the preoccupying need to pray to absolutes
In Heav'n 02:03


Jesse made a lot of beats and wrote a lot of raps after the BREAK tape and Sentinels EP, mostly just recording them on his 4-track and putting them up on his bizarrely popular MP3.com page, if ever releasing them at all. Around 1999 or 2000 he came up with the title of this album in conversation with Halifax rapper Knowself, and retroactively applied to to everything he ever tried to do with art.

The idea is that if you write a clear manifesto on a sheet of paper, it can be comprehended but it's not engaging or attractive to look at. If you fold that paper into beautiful shapes, you can catch the eye and attention of people on aesthetic merits but the content becomes illegible. All endeavours to communicate via art are subject to this binary struggle between privileging either form or content, and hip-hop is a prime venue of competition for those impulses. Complex rap lyrics can be unintelligible, but straightforward raps without lyrical adornment are often dull.

There is quite a range of quality on this album, considering that it covers four years in the development of a young artist. Some of it is really embarrassing, but all of it is true.


released September 1, 2004


all rights reserved



rap legend Jesse Dangerously Ottawa, Ontario

Genuine Independent Rap Legend (GIRL)

member of Backburner crew
half of Danger Grove w Lizard Grove
half of The Library Steps w Ambeez & Illgil
one-third of Imaginary Friends w Thesis Sahib & MC Frank Deluxe
one-third of The Sentinels w ginzuintriplicate & Naked J

partially culpable for the nerdcore problem
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