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Verba Volant (9th Anniversary)

by rap legend Jesse Dangerously

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Aww Shucks 03:44
aww Shucks, you can buy my record for a sawbuck and take it to your gathering or potluck, to prove that you and your friends are not ducks, since the Burner got the city locked up, drunk on power like rotgut, while your records leave the people non-plussed, you know why you're not dope? you're not us! We're giving suckers the heave like shot-put, even if they got the latest hot cut, you didn't think we had it in us? you thought what? You're judging by the package, not the product, underselling us just gets your spot rushed! Keep your eyes front and your jaw hushed! Believe me when I tell you that your squad sucks, you know it in your craws and guts Now watch us and don't choke on the sawdust! The Burner's in the building. Come stand in the shine of the burner to get a Suntan, you're better off trying to tie your shoes with One hand! Don't tell me that your stagnancy was unplanned? You're so unlikeable it's like you Shun fans! You're underhanded, like a hundred grand wadded in a rubber band is Uncle Sam got 'em brandished, I'm on the run like one-armed bandits in a gun fight, I switch it up like Malachite and Kunzite, my favourite song by Alpha Flight is Sunlight, my peoples doing shit I know it's done right, even if The Source would give me One Mic, that's all I need like Nas To feed my cause with idolatry like gods Me Tchaikovsky, you try to keep light off me Meet my posse beneath the streetlight, softly The Burner's in the building. I know you all thought I was prob'ly gay But my girl's on the job and she got me play Herded mass traffic to the dot CA, you can't Put a scratch on my tracks if you're not DJs Hook up my RCAs and pass the Courvoisier Thataway, keep your herbals, this ain't Parsley Days Word to Andrea Dorfman, I'm not remotely anti- Abortion, I twist my rhymes in fancy contortions With Fancy supporting on the ones and twos It brands me important plus it's fun to do Render unto Caesar at the rendez-vous Run the teaser of the preacher in his Sunday suit One day you will believe in me and follow dreams One day you will receive the key to all the cream One day you will acheive the goal of higher stations One day you will deceive the whole entire nation Fuck that, they scoop it up and never give a Buck back, they're bigger crooks than thugs who jack your hubcaps, if they traded their TV shows for Rucksacks, the cops would call them burglars and Bust caps, instead of at kids who didn't do nothing but was black, where's the justice at then? It's gut-wracking, man, fuck this rapping, it's just distracting us from what's happening
Tattered, ragged with vicious bruises Trying to appease the capricious muses Flying trapeze, excuses excuses The type of guy you want nothing to do with "Who's this unfortunate cluttering up the hallway?" (Someone Christ, King of the Jews) "Yeah, that's what they all say!" They all say, "Jesse," but they really can't see me Since I got a little fame like Billy Danzini One ring for Batman, one ring to RUN TINGS One ring for fronting or flossing or something I'm the unreliable, lovable laugh riot You claim you got wits? I admit you're half right Weedsmoker, living la vida loca, you're mediocre Thuggin' karaoke Vivid Video curmudgeon Sergeant to the corporal punishment, punk, I'm brandishing Brand X blandishments. Complaints? Take it to management, Dink. I write my rhymes in vanishing ink On a medium that's flammable, I'm a manacled animal Mandibles gnashing, my passion's understandable Instinctive action, smashing like a cannonball To the hundred and Nth degree, plus the fears Play tricks on your perception when you fence the three musketeers Hence if we formed like Constructicons and Insecticons We'd be like snakes to Ireland, raining destrucion on the leprechauns Instructions for the clever pawns on how to overthrow the rooks And bishops using techniques that geniuses would overlook I know the crooked path and I pervert it for the cause of good My will is stainless steel while conventions and laws are wood And sometimes necessity is the mother of ax blades and flak jackets For fat rabbits in fast raising tax brackets Sabbath, Black Sabbath, my abacus computes Mathematical roots for all you fatuous galoots Superman, Batman, Spiderman Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Coming original, I send a hot signal to the sonogram Old school DOS box, flossing with a ton of RAM Handkerchief monogrammed, monacled eyepiece Baby grand piano if I wanna tickle the ivories No political diatribes/dissertations, academia WHAT! We're the Royal Macadamia Nuts! You want zany? That's us! I must proceed and continue I sold out, by which I mean I filled every seat in the venue Nothing to eat on the menu so I synthesize recipes Winterized tires, you'll never get the best of me Jesse D, A N G E R O U S L and sometimes Y... lamping in the sunshine to unwind I... am imaginary, actually magical Casually, I manifest the fantastical STAR! I behave in a famous way And rep for Backburner, even though the name is gay (What a thing to say!) Such a shameless play For controversial commercial success in a painless way My other band's rehearsal cassettes went double platinum Flying off the shelves so fast the stores had trouble trackin'em! Back in um... (effect?) effect, thanks! Where Would I be without my friends? I draw a lot of blank stares! We aren't gangst-airs, we're just twenty-somethings Who grew up on rap and won't tolerate any fronting Moth to the flame, I came up in the Maritimes Y'all shift the blame, I shift the paradigms Of Saracen science, when you parrot it's embarrassing Pearls before swine, horse before the carriage No fair, it's like using the rod before the carrot I'm sorry if I'm seeing the flaws before the merits I'm not so sure Americans can overcome soda pop You'll never be huge, so go photoshop celebrity nudes!
Unh! We're gonna have so much fun! You and me gonna have so much fun! Unh! I know it's hard right now, but You and me gonna have so much fun! I know the hurt runs deep but You and me gonna have so much fun! Yeah, you and I are headed on the right track We're adrift, gears shift, we fight back tears Lift black veils of clouds part oceans of Dark water. Hard rocks totter; we're heart broken Charred, smoking wreckages of past lives behind us For purity rank us minus; Security blanket Linus. The worries can't confine us to the surface, we stand behind us They're certain we can't combine? Too bad! They're perfectly bats with blindness. Asinine assassins try and blast us just to pass the time Charged with crimes of passion I'm a target you: your ass is mine! Laugh lines drawn in the sand, we're getting on with the plan You be my second in command unless you wanna demand The starring role in our control tower. Give me a Cold shower. What kinda power we got? Soul power! No now or nevers, nah, we're too clever to sever ties We soldier on, semper phi, we'll never die, the road we're on to Better times ... Unh! We're gonna have so much fun! You and me gonna have so much fun! And yo, what's done is done, we can't reverse fate Roll back birthdays and search for the perfect first date I'm straight, you're straight, we're straight as an arrow But never narrow, together to weather peril and pleasure. Careful Measure must be taken, we're lusty, brazen and plus free agents of Such amazing substance we must be made a fuss of My busty babe is tough, I had a crush from day one Raving is faint praise and frankly I ain't misbehavin' Patiently waiting for vacancy, taking a break and seeing For the sake of me and you, you could say it's convenient They can be engaging reasons making me impatient, speak and State your grievance, even if it's major league I stay believing THAT We're gonna have so. much. fun!
Johnny Hardcore: Radio! Cocksuckers never play me! Want me to dumb it down and club it up and pay a fee What's up? What the fuck you say to me? You're like Funkmaster Flex but I know them punks cash them cheques But so did every other chump before he reached his apex Hey, let's stop being trendy! Ain't safe like sex with latex when you offend me I break necks with chin-checks, correctly What you expect? I ain't friendly or hating dude Rip the head off of Satan and I throw it at you I know you do what you do 'cause you don't know no better You were dope when thought lesser now you're hot it's like whatever Used to be a mad rapper, enough! I've had with that matter. So I'm staying neutral and praying somebody shoots you (Woo!) ... I didn't mean it how it sounded But if you disappeared, I wouldn't care if they found shit You can't break something that's broken you ain't down kid Like Quake getting caught smoking, I'm grounded Jesse D, Ginzu and me: a Triple Threat And between you and me, we ain't simple like the Dipset! And soon you'll see that I ain't said shit yet But when I do, my man, you'll respond by raising your hand I'm taking a stand, writing about it like Stephen King You're a fan like Stan, but that ain't even the thing You ain't the Lord of the Rings, you're the Lord of the Flies Tears seep from your eyes when on the beach I arrive And you don't drop pro 'cause you're missing the flow You think we're rocking too fast? I think you listen too slow! If you're dissing like a ho, don't have to say, "I told you so" We boldly go where you can't hold me low, homie, so With no cash I got it going on I don't even hate on those who hate me, I got Class on Jesse D: In a PUMA sweat alphabet, I AMP U UP, MA! That's corny, sorry, but check my back story In all my morning glory, I address the adoring hordes I never met a chick who was too boring for me Sororities sworn to secrecy swarm to sleep with me I couldn't scorn them easily if I'd been born as recently As yesterday. I get away with bullshit in my resumé, then Step in the indian burial ground with grave reservations Condescend from a raised elevation On the mend from a crazed celebration Dazed and amazed from the ways that I slays fools Vibrator tongue and a mic made in Playskool Hey Jude, I'm a make it bad as I can stand it Stay cool, I'm raising up my status like a bandit Grab a mic and slam it right 'cause that is my commandment God dammit, the man is hard as malachite and granite I had to find a planet that can handle the plan I have in mind Radical stance to to stand behind, that'll be fine, oh man I'm divine Capital crime, bind the criminal, I'm the digital mastermind Bastards whine behind your backs and slash with a cynical ax to grind I'm a bury the hatchet with the bad shit in the back yard Gone with the wind and forgotten without a monument or placard Rap started off as part of the art of forgotten tribes Fast cars stock a high stack of sarcophagi Walking by the office, I would often find a spot to hide in With a hot girl who thought my thoughts and writing were nothing if not exciting Modern enlightened thought might have got me off the charges brought and tried If I was not as cute as the prosecutor or quite such an awesome guy Lost in my philosophizing, it's not surprising I'm also nice and Rock the mic so flawless, yeah I got some pride And prejudice. I might have mentioned this type of hype is my invention, kids, the sensitive fistfight device! ginzuintriplicate: Yo, controlled logic; I'm all ones and zeroes on players Eat up the ghosts and leave the dots in the mazes With my ocular lenses and mutant pet centipedes Effin' amazing describes sixty percent of me Press out buttons in sequences like vivisection Suckers get left into pieces... rippin necks oh Messin' with genetical histories Change you from humans to simians, chimpanzees, baboons Don't call it a comeback when I sit in my Four-cornered room and stab your pictures with thumbtacks I drink a horrible mixture of rum, Jack Daniels Superpower: transform into a bum Backwards in my aluminum Batmobile Smack the spit out your mouth, manouevre asteroid fields I ain't maybe, I'm definitely. Hugh Hefner said he got jealous respect for me Out of your element like pagans in Mecca be Best be takin echinacea daily for leprosy Unh, you pick on girls like Hordak! You fuckin' herb! I got a two-by-four, my friends are trucker nerds! Fendin' off the honeys [that] wanna marry me? No, man. They jump to their deaths for me like the bad guy in Conan! The monster from Krull, defeated easily The Last Starfighter, that bastard cheated illegally Trophies on my wall: bears, lions and minotaurs The heads of animals, celebrities, dinosaurs And you can audition to be us Pull the truth out your mouth like confessions to priestses When the industry's rigged like presidential elections We keep it stuck in your throat like Streptococcus infections Step with a mop and a bucket (WATER!) let's mix it up I'll take down Optimus Prime with my fisticuffs
From Babylon through Camelot to Avalon, the Battlebot Busting out styles from the krush groove catalogue Idiomatic king of all things radical Up on it like static cling, fresh mode grammatical Hardcore furious, game tight and affable Soundclash bombastic, downright laughable Baltimore, apple core, who's your best friend y'all? Shopping for shoes at the West End Mall Hallmark Sentinel, mental hysteria Bad rap, hotter than Central America Gentle of character, vicious vocabulary Nice guy but a bitch of an adversary Any means necessary, limited time offer Only while supplies last, internet crime stopper Spiderman spinneret itinerant webcrawler Of general interest, inveterate yesh y'aller With a fist full of dollars and nonsense Willing and able from the table of contents Through to the epilogue and any appendices MCs never see my friendlier tendencies Nice guy but a stinker of an enemy Known to be the number one thinker of the century Ego will eventually eclipse every orbiting Satellite. Good call, forfeiting the battle! Mic Controller, star-studded Granola bar Red-blooded rappin' duke, steering by the polar star Heavy metal Meadowlark Lemmon meringue pie Hollowed-out pride, just an all-around strange guy Followed outside of the petshop by kittens No kidding, ciphers get pissed off by my writtens Freestyle swimrace, coming in last place Newborn babies give you the gasface Zu! Zu zu zu! Zu-zu-zu-zu! Zu-zu-zu-zu-zu-zu-zu! Trim the mustache, get plenty of bed rest There is but one law and the whole of it shall be GET FRESH I've been Stylized five miles high with wild eyes Suggest that I'm not fresh and I'll cry! Sensitive modern man waterboy wondergirl Part Lynn Thigpen, part kingpin of the underworld Thinking of a master plan with sweaty palms Landcruisers can't lose the man who's already gone Steady on, champ, keep your eye on trophies I run with a hundred percent Hawai'ian Sophies And another thing, my posse's on Gottingen, rapping Flexing and flossing, there's a lot that can happen Guardian devout, but there's a ghost that haunts you It's a party in my mouth, and I'll cry if I want to! One, two, cheque please! Pimp of the nation Wizard of Idioteque; Improvisation This simple dictation runs roughshod over your steno pad Nice guy but a godfather in Leningrad I'm able to rock the mic viciously 'cause I'm Bulletproof, the way Thom Yorke (Wishes He Was) Jesse never squishes bugs, but insects hide Nonetheless because he's Fezzik from the Princess Bride The Friendly Giant, my theme song employs recorders With patience, my rap destroys the borders of nations Interactive insurrection, brake at the intersection Given to introspection and keeping it interesting Like it's going out of style and the fact is, it seems to be No-one really understands what it means to me It's not that I hate or am anti-rap It's just that most rappers are wack and I stand by that And the fact we all flip when we hear some dudes are cool or interesting, that's the exception that proves the rule New school wreck shop class clown home study Well versed scholar and I rap like nobody Hell's worst holler can't strain my vocal cords High school loser but a baller on the local boards Lord Rhythm, sporting traditional headdress I've got my mission and you can't tell me it isn't to get FRESH.
Chokeules: Well this is it, everything I've ever dreamed of A team of fresh MCs about to clean up You've probably seen us up in the mix We got a couple of tricks for Dos-double-oh-six Turn rubble to bricks, bricks into brick roads A picture of a thousand words is worth a shitload Heads know it's not my habit to boast But they might have to build a tunnel just to traffic this dope What's the matter with Choke? Potent resource untapped I love rap the way that some rappers love hubcaps Call it a comeback, I leave and return Knowledge and fun facts I need to get learned Our duty to speak about the truly unique Is why we've done more cuts than a beauty boutique A butchershop quartet, beyond compare Spitting game through your speakers, play along from there! Timbuktu: Deserve Academy Awards like Phillip Seymour Get at 'em, leave 'em gored like a hapless matador All aboard, pick a category, I'm the carnivore and I matter more, let's go faster on this Matterhorn I'm no Paduwan, still get your catalogue, I had 'em all Slaughtered in the splatterhouse: Toolshed Abbatoir Bonanza for the man who loves smackin' average amateurs Canada's nomadic apparition like I'm Dracula This Chupacabra or Chewie Chewbaccaa Chewing off of your esophagus like corn on the cob Hopped up on this product like I'm hocking narcotics Synonymous with obviously rocking the hardest Still modest, Living La Vida Tim Wallace A leader, get to frolic with Alchoholics Anonymous Arriba! Leave you like I'm Speedy Gonzales Chokin' off on my exhaust, pissed-off and unacknowledged! Psyborg: Christening the winter months with blue blood from dinner hunts I catch a track and ravage that until the innards crunch Instead of bitter slumps, we switch to sicker stunts And kick the shit out of ambivalence, when we give 'er some we git 'er done Like a direct hit liver punch, exactly what a sinner wants and the inner innocence One too many meridians way beyond the maximum, all at once We come crashing down something spectacular! What's that you've been passing off? Bastardizing Hasselhoff? Actual results I sabotage in my catalogue Downright immaculate vernacular's how we set the bar Ground out electric currents that could kill a horse Don't count on no scrilla, just a pen in the forest I'm a pounce on this thriller like a ravenous wolf If you bounce to this rhythm like a pendulum ball You can count on the next one making necks as sore! Jesse D: Here's a tip - I'm too big in the crazy fun department For you to give me the slip or any other lady's undergarment From pantyraids in 80's slumber parties to present day I saw them play and frolic in what I thought was a pleasant way And got away with knowledge I probably oughtn't cop to possessing Not when I'm awesome and hot to death and especially fresh when I've caught my breath All of you'd better have caught the message, I'm not gonna offer a false impression I've got the blessing to rock the session with artifacts like a loss compression Toss professionalism aside, the rhythm I ride is interdimensional If your position just isn't defensible, your imposition is infinitesimal Vegetable intellect, said with full disrespect intended So if you get offended, a second of intense reflection is recommended. Yes, my friend, I said it and meant it. No, I won't pretend to regret it in a minute. We're in the building, where are your children? Mister Wilson! Dennis the Menace! Doctor, make it all better with medicine! Not gonna take it, just let it replenish and What could be better than Jess with the Shed again? Cutting a record and getting the Benjamins!
Don Brownrigg: All the ends rhyme and these words show I'm a sign of the times and I'll let you know To keep your head high and hands low Your eyes to the prize and feet on the go Jesse D: You kids look, you were made in America by Two bit crooks with a shave and a haircut Stupid schnooks wanna brag in hysterics but Soon this book will be pages and paragraphs Long, tear a rap song out of the final chapter This is not Spinal Tap, for I'm a rapper My alacrity has to be shown in time lapse I rhyme fast and actually half you can't see where I'm at Mind the gap, for I'm a mastermind behind Disasters like wine and gas combined Diamonds that's been mined all cast a shine but Half the time, you'll find that buying them has a fine Attached in the form of a body count, keep an Eye on the past and put your heart in your mouth I'm starting you out with easy ones, believe me son You'll be as puzzled as me when we get done It's troubling me when I'm hustling CDs And customers see me like I must have been greedy Like what, is it up to me to keep the production cheap? Stay stuck and weep with frustration while you fucking sleep? It ain't nothing sweet. Trust me, I don't make enough to eat I been cuttin' a swath while you been cuttin' teeth Tongue in cheek, now I'm cuttin' you off while my Cousins speak from the cape to the rock to the Lawrencetown Beach. Put the tape in the box and the Boring sounds leak out, pouring like bleach on your Favourite socks, lemme take a walk around the Block to clear my thoughts and break patterns Concentrate, stop and contemplate, gather Strength to walk away and not complicate Matters... Don Brownrigg: In the day's arc or the night's loop With the sun's sword or the star's fights troops Coming 'round again killing residents A minion's president to lord it over them Rez Villain: First and foremost, thank you, God Never answered my prayers, I don't need your help. I lost hope and then I dealt, Allowing me to believe in myself And you feel the same, but you won't admit it Create change and you'll make a difference Even when it feels like no-one's listening Stand your ground, hold your position Whatever you think, you can make it happen It's not a big "Secret", it's the laws of attraction Negative thoughts breed wrong reaction Positive ones bring satisfaction Now that you know this, kill with intentions Use your mind, it could use the attention Live by your word, die by the sentence Find who you are, make that connection Find direction, never second guessing Judge no-one on a first impression That's impressive, pure progression Let's move on to a higher lesson Soak it all up, the brain is a sponge Guide your thoughts to bring abundance Dig in your mind like a package of Fun-Dip Learn to walk, then start runnin' Ignorance is bliss, knowledge is gift It's your choice to stand or sit Decisions, decisions, I can't handle it. Don Brownrigg: All the ends rhyme and these words show I'm a sign of the times and I'll let you know To keep your head high and hands low Your eyes to the prize and feet on the go In the day's arc or the night's loop With the sun's sword or the star's fights troops Coming 'round again killing residents A minion's president to lord it over them
Naming Names 05:16
Here I go ah here I go ah here I go again! I'm naming names just so they can hear I call 'em friend! Here I go, here I go, here I go again! Rhymes getting doper from the time that I spend! Ginzu, 'Buktu, Hardcore, Thesis! Of all the cats I creep with I'm down with you the deepest. Rockefort Loopfrog, can you keep a secret? Anyone who fronts on you can eat shit, believe it. Bizzy, SJ, call me an elitist But you two are why our crew could achieve the highest Reaches; scooby doo. I believe this to be true The Burner is truly huge, and booty crews are booing us But won't say boo to us, who amongst the scum could test us? Big up Uncle Fester the drum collector and funk molestor Drunken boxer, Dexter is none the less ill When the blood gets spilled don't run to Fresh Kils Who said Toolshed wouldn't leave the fools dead? You'd better hope to rival the rhymes of Choke and Psybo Open bibles and sing a psalm for sudden calm, what could go Wrong? I rest my finger on buttons to bomb suckers! Hip hop disc jocks cuttin' it up swift, Backburner Posse ain't nothing to fuck with! Stuck in a rut, kid? Blow your nose in a hanky I know the dopest flower that no-one knows and it's Frankie De-luxe, chocolate chips, don't be a greedy guts My rocketship's dropping apocalypse now: redux Turn the heat up til we burn the street up Really though, yo! you want to get with it? Here we go! Here I go ah here I go ah here I go again! I'm naming names just so they can hear I call 'em friend! Here I go! Here I go! Here I go again! Rhymes getting doper from the time that I spend! Since Cal vacated his place by the L.C. We never see his face like Ramellzee Rest in peace to L.B., the kid helped me keep my Attitude healthy which filled me with gratitude And there'll be a part of me that always can smile About when Deza ran wild with handstyles for his man Kyle Party Time fanned out and covered the peninsula And for a little while, brothers stopped being so insular Kindness came in random acts, tributes were planned and scrapped Abandoned after all because we felt like our hands were strapped I'm a fan of Apt and altogether fond of Kimber Not Jem's sister, Josh's brother, come on, remember? Man listen, it's a long transition But we could all take a tip from blond Ambition And build our bets with elder vets and heads still in a stroller Backburner's for the children, word to Rez Villain and Lola Hold the phone, I'm rolling up with solo acts from Hamilton Like Mayor McCA, BA Johnston and Wax Mannequin I'm adamant, euphoric, in orbit like a sattelite With Fax4, Half Life, Squaretown and Alpha Flight CTG, PRD, KSK, Dead Beats and Universal Soul, I try to see us all as units of a whole. Shooting past the goal, my city, province and nation are hotbeds With that said, you're sure to see that courtesy is not dead. Here I go ah here I go ah here I go again! I'm naming names just so they can hear I call 'em friend! Here I go! Here I go! Here I go again! Rhymes getting doper from the time that I spend! Now that's dedicated, so copasetic that it Made it so that credit goes to Soso and Epic You want it? Go and get it, climb the ramparts Put your faith in it like mine is in my man Heartz Spread the rumours, rock with Kassy and Lunar I'm proud of you and you're basically Jesse D, Jr. Who in their right mind wants to lead a life like mine? Kids who feel light shine when they write rhymes! Fool, please. You'll be truly schooled each And every time you endeavour to get clever with Kool Krys Ooowee, you want a try some lame move? Get punched out by Kelly repping Dice Champagne crew! Praise due to Cosmo, surely none is finer He'll serve you on the decks like he'll serve me in the diner Right across from the Khyber where Krista used slang booze While crews would hang loose and watch eachother paying dues Gordski, Drunc Ness, Jorun and Bastid spun there And when it shut down it felt SO UNFAIR One way or another, even if you're unaware of him Scott Da Ros had 'em all, it's unamerican EMC, Andrew G and Dave P bravely rhymed And there's a lot of Dave P's so that saves me time I can't legally rap without a permit for a fire And if you say I don't get down with Hermit, you're a liar! Awww shucks, it's got to be either that or you've gone Nuts and written off society like Jon Hut, the wrong person to wrestle with Is Flexxman - half rapper, half messerschmidt. Don't you believe the lie that I only hate I won't debate that I decry cloned remakes and phony fakes But don't sniff and cry if this is corny to say I live and die in my pride for moves that my homies make.
Wordburglar: They got my style on file like a floppy disk 'Cause I be bringing the ruckus like a lobby full of lobbyists "You got a lotta moxie, kid" Yeah, but my pops? He wished That I took a hockey stick and did what Sidney Crosby did Huh... I guess I kinda did the opposite Concoct some modern hits that don't really see a lot of quid "Yeah, but look at all the props you get!" "You know it's really awesome shit." Yeah, except it don't exactly make my wallet thick And there's a wall of shit it seems I've always gotta squabble with Every time I flop my lips or drop some wicked awful licks So I eat a lot of chocolate and dream of boffing model chicks While reading comics with the first appearance of Apocalypse And this cut is posse, it's all of us composited A comedic conglomerate so bomb, it makes my noggin thick So thank God I thought of it, sit back and nod a bit It ain't safe no more, I be rockin' anonymous Apt: They say it ain't safe no more so lock your doors up Broken glass everywhere so get them boards up And find more stuff to build a big window barricade My life, my life's not quite like my parents' days I make beats and rap both, one of the best at it While the closest you've been to a lab is getting stabbed by a meth addict And that ain't nothing to fuck with. PLO style W, man Mister, ever since I was a child This is dedicated to those who have a flow habit/hobby And for no reason think that they're pro at it, oddly Plans to get on wax now, thinking you're a fly god Never even played as many gigs as your iPod! So rap like a fucking asshole behind your advance and chase funds While government thugs chase guns and victims stay young since day one Boxing Day PM making your weekend sour Where they shop 'til they drop, with the plane in the tower. Jesse: They say it ain't safe no more - whatever, cuz! It never was. I seen you greasing your clippers to get a buzz My level set above the aggregate, I love to aggravate I'm picking up your girl for either eating out or take-away Make your play or stay complacent, Amazing Grace Wait'll I make arrangements, I'm fatal, you're placed adjacent to waste Ready to get picked up in dustbins, kicked up a fuss when The kid got sick of discussions and rushed in. What you wanna do? Nuthin'. Cry me a river like I'm the new Justin Buy me some dinner and try to win my trust, then Hide the slight adjustments of a liar when he's hustlin' Biters? I crush them! Bust them in the chops! I won't provide them sustenance, I'm not the guy to tussle with You kids are like dust in a gust of wind; blow me. You must've been only here for us to win, homie Once again I ran out of rappers to smash, I need more So bus 'em in and hand out a capital tax on resources Sadsack, act like a ass, I call you Eeyore Crawl before you walk, yo what you wanna fuck with me for? Three-fourths of MCs swore they'd make me poor I offered them the option to flee for their reward Fourth quarter, I shipped to CD stores And now they say it ain't safe no more! More Or Les: Kids, hold onto your hats whether tops or jims In a world where I'm not convinced That I'm a get anything that I'm promised on a TV screen I'm trying to make my dreams real life scenes Pressure's on and I'm trying not to lose my steam But you know how it gets sometimes, when you get so blind To your own abilities you can't see what you offer My insecurities follow me like a stalker I don't want it behind me (nope) Better to put pain beside me is what they say That's why I've got a picture on my shoulder of rappers I Hate Factory in full effect, had to be what you neglect That inspires me. That's either irony or a guarantee to poverty Until the piracy of samples beats the lottery And if you follow me, you know safety's just a luxury That's why I'm on a beat, because risk taking is thuggery


The second, and accidentally final, installment in Jesse's split-producer EP series! Beats are handled half by Timbuktu, and half by Fresh Kils. Uncle Fester did all the scratches.

Just like Inter Alia, Verba Volant features two remixed songs from Jesse's even earlier catalogue! Tim made "Celebrity Nudes" much funkier, and while Kils's treatment of "Get Fresh" shouldn't responsibly be referred to as "electro-crunk," it's about 900% more body-movin' than before.

The guests are a hoot - ginzu333 and Johnny Hardcore, Don Brownrigg and Rez Villain, Choke and Psybo and Timbuktu, and Wordburglar and Apt and More or Les - hell even Ottawa's Atherton sneaks in for a one-liner! Jesus there's a lot of guests for an EP.

What was I thinking.

I'm including all the instrumentals I have. Celebrity Nudes and Butchershop Quartet are missing because I've never had them. They've never been performed live!


released November 1, 2007

mixed & mastered by Dexter Doolittle
front cover illustration, interior illustration & layout by Peter Diamond
back cover painting by Kate Walchuk

paid for in part by a grant from Nova Scotia Culture & Tourism




rap legend Jesse Dangerously Ottawa, Ontario

Genuine Independent Rap Legend (GIRL)

member of Backburner crew
half of Danger Grove w Lizard Grove
half of The Library Steps w Ambeez & Illgil
one-third of Imaginary Friends w Thesis Sahib & MC Frank Deluxe
one-third of The Sentinels w ginzuintriplicate & Naked J

partially culpable for the nerdcore problem
... more

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