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A More Blessed Perfection

by rap legend Jesse Dangerously

[Jag Coupe] You never will conquer the champion. [Jesse] Champion sound that I bust, you get your boots scuffed, true enough You would love it if you could touch the dudes but you screwed it up I guess it's rude of the two of us how we scattered ashes And walked on shattered glass in the New Republic that you would publish Screw my public, I'm Ghostface: "god damn right I fuck fans" with just my hands at the bus stand Now bust this dance I do -- and understand that you could Take a stance but never shake the values that I answer to I will pay through the nose to get my vinyl mastered while you bastards form a line to have your noses Rhinoplastered I'm no hacker, but I know passwords and I speak in code We control the horizontal with pure bravado that leaps and grows And your vibrato betrays that you're freezing cold inside And couldn't even hold the mic when me and Noah coincide Both combined, the most admired, the golden sires your soul desires It's over guys, you're roasted on our spit over open fires [Jag Coupe] You never will conquer the champion. [Rhino] AS YOU LOOK FROM WHENCEFORTH I COME! RIDING THE WIND, THUS ELIMINATING EVERY TRACE OR SCENT OF THE WACKNESS THAT IT COULD CARRY! ME AN' THE RAP LEGEND DONE HAD US A VISION WHERE WE BROUGHT THE RAW AND THE TRUE SHIT AND SLAUGHTERED ALL OF THE STUPID! SO LET 'EM TRY TO NORMALIZE THE GAZE! LONG AS THEY KNOW THE RAPS STILL STUCK IN THIS MORTIFYING PHASE IN WHICH THEY WENT FROM BEING CLEVER... TO AMAZING THE EXTENT TO WHICH THEY'RE BETTER THAN ANYTHING EVER! EVEN JUST TO GIVE 'EM A VAGUE SENSE OF THE PRESSURE THAT WE APPLY TO FAKERS THEY INEVITABLY WOULD DIE! WHY? BECAUSE TO IMAGINE A MORE BLESSED PERFECTION IS LIFE WITHOUT BREATH, THE HEAVENS WITHOUT THE SKY THERE'S NO SUCH THING! IT CAN'T BE DONE! BECAUSE WE ARE THE MOTHERFUCKING CHAMPIONS! YES! SO TURN THE ASH OF YOUR CRUSHED DREAMS TO GOLD, FASHION THE TROPHY, HAND IT TO US... AIN'T NOTHING LEFT TO DISCUSS! [giant amazing guitar solo]


"A More Blessed Perfection" is the lead single from the forthcoming Jesse Dangerously album, Songs About Anything Other Than The Aching Void Left By The Departure Of My Ex-Lovers, Nearly All Of Whom I Still Desire And Care For." The album is produced by Corboe and features like almost twenty exciting instrumental and vocal guests to be revealed whenever it seems like the right time.

There is a fantastic music video for this song, directed and shot and edited by Daniel Jardine for Boom Shoal Enterprises, at www.youtube.com/watch?v=W7lvy0RTZls


released July 20, 2013

"A More Blessed Perfection" is produced by Corboe of Dream Jefferson (dreamjefferson.bandcamp.com)

it features a verse by The Mighty Rhino (mightyrhinomusic.com)

it features a ill shreddin`solo by Guitargamel (human name Ryan Dargavel) and a hook by Jag Coupe (human name Joshua Jagroop). Uncle Fester of the Extremities (extremitiesmusic.com) did the cuts.

The voice of Fuzzy Jones was used without permission, but at least we didn't use an impersonator like Smif N Wessun did. BELIEVE ME!

it was co-arranged and mixed by Measuring Man, and mastered by Andy Krehm at Silverbirch Mastering.


Some rights reserved. Please refer to individual track pages for license info.



rap legend Jesse Dangerously Ottawa, Ontario

Genuine Independent Rap Legend (GIRL)

member of Backburner crew
half of Danger Grove w Lizard Grove
half of The Library Steps w Ambeez & Illgil
one-third of Imaginary Friends w Thesis Sahib & MC Frank Deluxe
one-third of The Sentinels w ginzuintriplicate & Naked J

partially culpable for the nerdcore problem
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