another one from 1997, this was everyone's favourite song of mine (who had one) until maybe 2007. I don't think it's for the lyrics.


Unpopular, unprecedented, unparalleled
Undestructible, supersonic carousel
Unorthodox, unusual anarchist, the
Sex educator and I don't smoke cannabis
No manifesto will escape unmolested
My oral cavity is electric like Uncle Fester's
I spit sparks and I'm shocking when I'm talking
I'm cooler than a meat locker, the lord chief rocker
Number one king of nine zero two. MCs quake
In sock feet and get eaten like cheesecake
Over rock beats and jazz breaks, country music
Big band swing songs, and you can call me King Kong
Jimmy Ray sucks, the only way of stopping him
Is carrying him up to the top floor and dropping him
Suckers can't deal, they run and get their pistols
To pop Sixteen, but haven't got the wherewithal
Cor blimey, none of you slimey salamanders
Could last one round with the Great Alexander
I'm building libraries and burning college dorms
Trouble's on its way in knowledge form

nineteen seventy-nine
It's trouble brewing

I can smell the fear of the suckers a mile away
Banks are criminals, just smile and say thanks
For the memories, scars and trauma
Terror on the mix, microphone carbomber
Gimme a stage and you can trust me to lose it
With a different definition of industrial music
..Going nuts on a hot fudge sundae
Runway models and I don't like gunplay
..Bumba claat, Bangladesh, breaker one nine
Demolition derby, everything breaks sometimes
Cairo to Budapest, put me to the test, clock
This marathon, I don't even need a rest stop
Pissed off, powerful, suckers are panicking
Petrified, posed in a position like a mannequin
I'm a fanatic and a total nutcase to boot
MCs, time to face the truth!
You're fashioned in a factory, forgotten in fifteen
Minutes. I've seen the future, you're not in it.
I'm taking over using break beats, rock and roll
Rhymes unlimited and primitive thought control
I time travel and skewer the wack with a rhyme
Javelin... if you were to practise
You'd have a much higher chance of surviving
Than you would with those foolhardy plans you're devising
Scan the horizon, looking for escape, getting
Anxious to be out of the way, like Cape Breton

You expect the storm at any minute

It's trouble brewing

Nineteen seventy-nine I appeared in a flash of light
Now I'm headed for the afterlife
I've got things to do, facts to face, wax in crates to lacerate
(problems to exacerbate, I must amass the breaks)
At faster rates so backs will break and all of that's at stake
This could be my only chance, but I refuse it, I'll
Never leave the planet while I'm still highly musical
Bring it on, break it down, beat me to a pulp in the
Pavement, Word to adult entertainment!
Skulls been arranged in position for my drum kit
And I'm a pacifist, now ain't . that . some . shit?
Rhymes and beats unfit'll get better profits
Scavenging for lyrics at the dead letter office
Electro-encephallographic novelty shops
I could be the next big thing, but probably not
Bad moon rising, negative omens and hanged necks
No way of knowing Shebang X




all rights reserved


rap legend Jesse Dangerously Ottawa, Ontario

Genuine Independent Rap Legend (GIRL)

member of Backburner crew

partially culpable for the nerdcore problem

"Sapphire meets Sappho meets Saafir meets Jonathan Saffron Foer;"
"not the Black Frank White, just the white Frank Black;"
"Wiz Khalifa meets Pat Califia;"
"like Buck 65 but faster and fat."
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