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Want, For Nothing

by Danger Grove

  • Record/Vinyl + Digital Album

    Thick, rich, and wide grooves that harbour bass that pounds and rhymes that do a sad, but weird though?

    Meghan's glorious artwork is big and huge and bold, like how it was meant to be seen. It almost glows in your hand, like rapidly cooling embers as the deepest darkness of the wood encroaches. The labels on the vinyl have their own special image that you can't even see on the internet yet.

    To the untrained eye, the vinyl itself may appear black. It is not only black; it is dark. It is so very, very dark.

    If you buy two copies you can juggle them. Some of these lines would be really mean to use in a DMC or ITF routine, so that's fun! We even made sure not to have it pressed on gross, lazy 180g vinyl which is a conspiracy by whoever sets shipping prices. We're onto you!

    Includes unlimited streaming of Want, For Nothing via the free Bandcamp app, plus high-quality download in MP3, FLAC and more.
    Message from rap legend Jesse Dangerously: Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we are temporarily unable to mail records and other physical merchandise. We appreciate your support, and we will ship your order as soon as we can.
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  • Cassette + Digital Album

    I don't think Lizard was even born when tapes were cool.

    I'm not sure any of us were born, at all.

    This casette is the colour of night, except the animals are the colours of animals. It has a bonus track that's not available on streaming sites or CD and it has that "cassette tape" sound you love.

    Includes unlimited streaming of Want, For Nothing via the free Bandcamp app, plus high-quality download in MP3, FLAC and more.
    Message from rap legend Jesse Dangerously: Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we are temporarily unable to mail records and other physical merchandise. We appreciate your support, and we will ship your order as soon as we can.
    edition of 100 

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  • Compact Disc (CD) + Digital Album

    I mean the cover is beautiful; the disc itself is printed with a gorgeous special picture of even more animals. The text is big enough to read easily unless you have useless bear eyes like Jesse, and you can play it in a car from ten years ago. It'll probably thump, too.

    Yeah actually I'm not sure why I was so dismissive at first. This disc is, if nothing else, pretty compact. You could probably carry twenty or thirty of them around with you and not even feel tired. Wanna try? Pony up.

    Includes unlimited streaming of Want, For Nothing via the free Bandcamp app, plus high-quality download in MP3, FLAC and more.
    Message from rap legend Jesse Dangerously: Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we are temporarily unable to mail records and other physical merchandise. We appreciate your support, and we will ship your order as soon as we can.
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    Get all 23 rap legend Jesse Dangerously releases available on Bandcamp and save 90%.

    Includes unlimited streaming via the free Bandcamp app, plus high-quality downloads of The Rap Hundreds, season 3, Want, For Want, of Wanting EP (digital deluxe edition), The Rap Hundreds, season 2, Want, For Nothing, The Rap Hundreds, season 1, Remixes, Subversive Ciphers, Stay Warm, and 15 more. , and , .

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[Adae B] Tick, tock, there goes the clock There goes time slipping by There goes the rest of my sanity I heard you have a silver fix for me Fix me, mend me Put me back together, make me friendly Make me talk good, so i act right tick, tock [Jesse] messing me up, my whole head spindled, mutilated, and folded signed, sealed, delivered from my cold dead bear arms from the second I'm amended [Adae B] Never mind the small print, happiness is ever pending Compliance is depending on the truths that are extended Slated to be sated, explanations predicated on lies That don't suit majority of lives. So we like To be seen, just a little bit just enough so the doc gives me something just a little tough something to numb the pain, put the monsters away For good this time, that's what they always say i find myself alone again just the way i came, that's the game we play My mind is always running away without me [Jesse] messing me up, my whole head [Hook] SILVER BULLETS PILL TO MAKE THE FEELING GO AWAY (BO!) PRETTY LITTLE PERFECT SILVER BULLET OK (BO!) PLANT ONE IN YOUR HEART AND YOU WILL START TO HEAL TODAY SILVER BULLET HELL YES THESE THINGS ARE FUCKING GREAT [Jesse] I want a pretty little perfect silver bullet (BO!) I want to fire a starter pistol, ready steady go (BO!) No more warning shots, mourning loss, clouds of obscuring fog, enduring foreign thoughts and feeling so weak - i don't sleep, i sit and stare, -down- decades of doctors who didn't care, -clowns-, red tape, and talkers just sitting there. -through- flashbacks to stalkers i fled in terror, so that set a narrative i thought I'd get embarrassed if i was uh, seen? the dark has been there since i was a teen and I'm sick of sharing my head with a ghost… father, feed me the host.
I missed the sun going down on me Shadows got long in the tooth while I Wander confused like I'm neutralized Zombie-like, euthanized I been on sitting on this hard floor, this cold floor Bone tired, my body stiff my heart sick, my soul sore All my life I been betted on All my days I been sold short Can't reflect if I hold forth I hold court, I hold the fort i DON'T sleep I sit and stare I haven't showered today can I get away with it I haven't showered this week can I get away with it I can't remember the last time I I can't come up with a reason to I can't be further from satisfied I'm not certain what people even do Sundown, unwound springs rusted Run down, this thing's busted why how do you DO? I'm fine, and you? what's good my dude? not much and you? how YOU doin? I'm good, and you? how ARE you, REALLY? umm well now that you ask I mean I don't know I sat on this floor a long time ago just for a second, but that second stretched until it was epic like Ivanhoe I got a to-do list the length of my bills I'm blaming myself for the strength of my will I'm needing my brain to quit racing and chill so I'm taking a pill ah, don't call it a little white lie I'm looking for truth, I'm looking for FOCUS I'm looking for use when I'm useless I'm looking for hope where I'm hopeless I want a pretty little perfect silver bullet (BO!) I wanna fire a starter pistol, ready steady go (BO!) No more warning shots, mornings lost Out of the warming pot, cold sweat pouring off, I wanna hold heat (I don't sleep) sundown, gunned down my problems, chambered one round, spun round, I got em come down, one cloud I'm under I still hear thunder, no wonder I don't sleep, I sit and stare
neverhome 04:52
[jesse] how do you go from I love you I need you to you're not my people I don't want to see you a camel could squeeze through the eye of a needle before I could read you as violent or evil, but where did my friends I would speak to all sneak to? silence is not always peaceful. ease is deceitful. no grease for the the squeaky wheel, if we keep it real - I sleep around and eat my meals alone, real alone, no matter what I feel alone and fear unknowns. it's bad enough to lose, but I've had it up to half as much as I can breathe in without seeming combatitive and rude Yeah I know that isn't news, but my attitude is new: you will believe a mannequin can move Stiff limbs, stiff upper lip, stiffen up a bit Nasty fasciitis, such a Midas touch I'm not quite as much a gilded cage match Promoter, rather throw a fight than a punch i'm the same inside as I was and so's the so and so that I didn't trust! Don't tell me I was right all along all at once! All quiet on the front for months I am disgusted as much as I am discussed So I am a shut-in. Shut up. [Tara] I do not go out and seek my pleasure I do not belong... I do not go out and seek my pleasure I do not belong wherever we've been Seen together, but I am never home (woo) I hide inside, alone, (woo) but I am never home [Jesse] Home is where the heart is, hard enough know that No defended borders leaves the hearth unguarded Holding up the bargain, common goods for barter Not as good as neighbours, call me Jean-Paul Sartre Hell is other artists, art is deadly weapons Truth is an art, when you use it it looses a Dart with a breath in my neck's direction; it Wasn't protected against infection. No place to rest when my best estimate is a Guess. I'm Les Nessman: no walls, I'm forever a Guest. I'm your ghost in the halls. I'm as close as a Call on the phone you cut off. I'm no one at all. No little talks, no back talk, should have made the Whole plane of the same stuff as the black box Indestructible, easily corrupted though Magnetic zeros and ones scratched off remember when a greyhound ticket was a reservation no name no date just a destination no hustle no haste no hesitation I'm on it, I'm gone
[kadesh flow] [lex the lexicon artist] [damn selene] [shubzilla] [jesse] wo wowowo one two one two I did not come to lose, I do not come cute I did not come to tell you what I'm not gonna do but I do not come to not run off with the loot I pocket the jewels then i rocket with you hot in pursuit, hop in the coupe I can't drive, that was not a good move, can't decide to act my age or my pants size DAMN, I hit the stage like a landslide! and I don't gotta fantasize, MAN, I got fans on my fan site trophies on my mantle, gold on my enamel, even when I panhandle my can rattles so handsomely cops would understandably ransom me off as a hostage to my family - it's not vanity god dammit, id box Fox’s Sean Hannity and knock his obnoxious block off for humanity Even straight A’s is damning me w faint praise
Everything is how it seems And it means what it is known to mean I don't speak about my dreams I am just where I'm supposed to be Where there's wanting, where there's longing There are ghosts and there is haunting There are notes left in the morning There is mourning what is gone When there's something that's important All the humors in your organs Make you melancholic, stop it, silly Really nothing's wrong. i close my eyes and see nothing and nothing is what I want and what I want to be is nothing what I got is enough for me, and other than that I couldn't imagine another thing ((where did they hide the third verse?))
[Lizard] Don't ask me why I I don't Why I don't, Why I I don't Drink that Devil Alcohol Please It's nothing personal You're not my shrink It's something personal What the fuck you think? [ginzuintriplicate] At night I drift atop an anesthetic sea the man right here must have been predisposed genetically auto-coping mechanism, mecca for high treason never dry season cause I show that bottle nepotism breathing through gills the world don’t seem so wrong and vexing, Skeksis in the mirror when you’re clean too long the next thing, you’re touching the third rail with malice splashing liquor down your palette out the Jesus Holy Grail chalice And you ain’t stressing over lessons you earned, imagine that losing control of discipline you never learned that’s why I slip, torment myself the way my thoughts do defective trip, the way I was raised and taught to You never learned any better, hell adults never told you this shit’ll lay you straighter out than smelling salts young man fell into all types of falling off, hauling bottles off the MacKay Bridge til they call the cops His world couldn’t work on oxygen alone, he needed liquid courage he was shown that’s the quickest version. He couldn’t laugh or cry chill out when alone, his world was extroverted, Kid that’s my word now you blessed you heard it I talk to Buddha when I’m needing spiritual receiving who’s this on seedy city streets fiending feeding demons? This isn’t me I’m going through some things I need a drink and This isn’t real I’m not a fiend sometimes just need that feeling they say go home, I stay on the fence excuses stagger more than liquor making no kind of sense I’m talking, all kinds of shit when I’m all kinds of jack danned Now this ain’t funny so put the beer back man Fact man, Odds are stacked and, when I’m throttled Pop bottles and eat up the dots like fuckin Pac-Man Raise my glass to the man I used to be And drift ever further on an anesthetic sea
I gotta [C]eat, I gotta eat or I'm gonna die I gotta [G]eat, I gotta eat or I'm gonna die I gotta [C]eat, I gotta eat or I'm gonna die If [F]I don't [G]eat, I'll [C]die Because if [F]people don't [G]eat, they [C]die! Fish gotta [C]swim, and if fish don't eat, they die Birds gotta [G]fly, and if birds don't eat, they die I got a [C]friend, and if they don't eat, they die If [F]they don't [G]eat, they'll [C]die Because if [F]things don't [G]eat, they [C]die! What does the dog say? (WOOF) and if dogs don't eat, they die What does the cat say? (WOOF) and if cats don't eat, they die What does the mouse say? (WOOF) and if mouse don't eat they die No matter how they cry If friends don't eat, they'll die! [Am]Up with the dawn, hit snooze on the rooster Sugar in the gas tank, supercomputer [F]Run to the job, punch a clock in the mouth Hunger setting in but you're blocking it out [Am]Not gonna doubt it, everybody's talking a Bout it, shrinking is a loss to be proud of [F]God has announced it's not enough to blast through Pounds, now you gotta lose them last few ounces [Dm]Can you count can you stop counting Over the counter, under the mountain [G7]Running on fumes is winning, feeling funny now the Room is spinning - it's a new beginning! I'm not [C]hungry, (not good not good enough / not good not good enough) I don't [G]feel good (you would if you were good enough / not good not good enough) Think I'm [C]ugly (you do not deserve to let the good inside) [F]No, [G]that cannot be [C]right... If [F]I don't [G]eat, I'll [C]DIIIIIIE! 'm not hungry (You're not hungry) but if I don't eat, I'll die I don't feel good (You don't feel good) but if I don't eat, I'll die Am I ugly? (You're so ugly) no that's not true, I'm fine I've got to clear my mind because If I don't eat, I'll die! Because I'm big, they think I'm gonna die Because I'm big, I've heard I oughta die If I'm so big, I guess I shouldn't mind But I am not my size, and I don't deserve to die! which I don't want to do. which i DON'T want to do. I gotta eat, I gotta eat or I'm gonna die I gotta eat, I gotta eat or I'm gonna die I gotta eat, I gotta eat or I'm gonna die If I don't eat, I'll die Because if people don't eat, they die!
Don't ask me why I I don't Why I don't. Why I I don't Drink... that devil alcohol. Please Don't ask me why I I don't Why I don't. Why I I don't Drink... it's nothing personal You're not my shrink [Jesse] I can smell it on your tongue and behind your teeth I been tryna sleep, young in a refinery Get thee to a winery, I'm known as a whiner Sport a shiner. Had it rammed down my throat in the minor league Y'all don't read my liner notes or analyze the quotes I scan the skies for ghost---riders at night in a panic, so Hand over that can of Coke, I'll sign the manifold Handsome folks that dance and smoke, I never been a fan of those Hey you look sad and lonely - why, what's up? oh... no, I'm fine but I arrived fucked up I'm Obélix, sorry if I'm oblique or obsolete I've always had a ominous feeling that's how it's gotta be All I wanted was to stand up tall and make you proud And I got half of that, at least it's the latter half Matter fact, I'm glad I practice no faith or religion I pray for wisdom, stay hidden and state I've made my decision, so Don't ask me why I I don't Why I don't. Why I I don't Drink... that fucking alcohol. Please Don't ask me why I I don't Why I don't. Why I I don't Drink... it's something personal the fuck you think. [Nic] Blind sober, dead ringer for an alcoholic, L'enfant tomber au fond de la marmitte The opposite of bad habit but still compulsive, and Repulsive nonetheless; I'm a mess on account of motive. And no, it's not religious. I told you: no opiates. (Je suis) une mauviette épeurée, écoeurée, à l'air bète. So tap that keg just don't beg me for help. I'm doctors Jekyll and Banner; I'm scared of myself. [Jesse] woooo steal fizzy lifting drinks. itchy trigger finger, real busy kitchen sink. pretty picture of a field with the missing link. sometimes I think it's like the city isn't listening, but I'm simply indistinct. Pity, isn't it? No, buddy, pity isn't it. Nobody sins except in innocence Pay attention when they say it's paying penitence Patience, gentlemen. Take a second, take a sedative. They pretend it's an amenity, like they could defend it with obscenity, and then descend into infinity Set adrift on anesthetic sea Presented evidence but wasn't present at his sentencing Let it ring, off to bigger and better things To cigarettes and liquor in the midst of beheaded kings Mixing up the medicine, bassment to the pavement To the grave, men, I'm saving it for Satan. Ok then DON'T
Something wicked this way comes - oh, that's embarrassing. Something wicked was waving at someone else, behind me. Welcome... to Danger Grove. Hello, listeners, eavesdroppers, surveillance drones Golems who can only recite poems, and nameless clones. It's me, your guest host, by which I mean the station's only host But I'm currently possessed by an unholy ghost What it wants? Goodness only knows. Now, moving on The Danger Grove School Board has really crossed the Rubicon They've asked me to announce that due to budget cuts the school band is just Standing there with no music. And I won't do it. The Mayor's race was canceled due to too many challengers That's all for news, on to community calendar. Sunday has been called for rain, Tuesday is standing in Monday will proceed as usual, But Wednesday has a thing so Thursday goes where Tuesday was, then Wednesday, then the rest is normal Second Thursday still is when the high school holds their semi formal Friday is the Hemi Demi formal, nearly casual but not Quite. On Saturday, of course, every dog dies. So make arrangements. Today's traffic? Cars are fake. Bicycles are little white lies, and the bus is late. Keep clear of the highways, the low road, the usual path Stick to blood tunnels, the cloud ferry, sewer rafts Sure, Google Maps will open the Uber app But that's all due to hackers that were trapped in the computer lab Congestion is light, thank Heaven for small kindnesses And what little remains is in your sinuses. "and now, a word from our sponsor" The Illuminati doesn't exist! A society that denies its own existence, while conferring special privileges to its members at the expense of everyone else? That just white people. The Illuminati is a name white people made up for even whiter white people. Brought to you by our sponsor... Free Masons. Listeners, my intern just handed me a note That says the station's getting lots of angry phone calls and I quote, because Of when I said the dogs were going to die - no, I misspoke! On Saturday, the dogs in town all dye their furry coats! Sorry for the worry, folks, in my haste to start the next segment, I miscommunicated like a text fragment The dogs will all D-Y-E! please reassure your children. Side note, the dye IS toxic, it will kill them. . . oh god there's a noise like a thousand bears outside the station . . the dogs in the city are forming a pyramid, and they're all vibrating . . they're angry I said they would die . when they dye, now they're pulsing and glowing and somehow melting together combining, becoming a dragon It's turning this way, its looking at me OH, MY GOD, it's-- it's time for the weather. WEATHER I never really knew, so much Danger lived in me, not just As a metaphor, but all the Machete-wielding bees That grow inside (and hatch out of my eyes) Oh listeners, that was a tight squeeze The windows are smashed and I'm feeling a slight breeze The dog dragon was fire breathing - I would have been burned To cinders - if not for Cindy the intern. She really earned her course credits when she threw herself Into the beast's mouth and it peaced out - we do, of course, regret it To the parents of Cindy, we extend our deepest sympathies She's gone, but she's gained so much experience in this industry! Stay tuned next for the arrhythmic anti hip-hop rap hour Followed by the theatre kids rhyme time And one song among those that makes this seem just alright goodnight, Danger Grove. goodnight. Welcome to Danger Grove, two words, is a production of DangerGrove, one word. It is written by Jesse Dangerously, and produced by 🗡️🗡️🗡️ Grove. The voice of Danger Grove is Jesse Dangerously, the rules are quite clear on that. Original music by 🗡️🗡️🗡️ Grove. This episode's weather was "Save The Bees (But Who Will Save Me From Myself, And Also From The Bees)" by The Penetrating Gaze. Comments, questions? Good luck! Today's proverb: A stranger is just a friend you haven't met yet. And a friend? A friend is just a stranger. Period.


It began with one simple remix. Colorado-based beatmaker/producer Lizard “Liz” Grove stumbled upon a track by Ottawa-via-Halifax alt-rap legend Jesse Dangerously she liked, applied her magical treatment and sent it back to him, much to his approval. Sounds innocent enough, huh?

Well, that spontaneous gesture soon exploded into the full-fledged collaboration known as Danger Grove, and a 10-track debut album called Want, For Nothing that is sure to alter the
perception of Canadian hip-hop. With Liz providing the sonic foundation for Jesse’s often brutally confessional rhymes, the pair build on their mutual love of groundbreaking artists such as Aesop Rock and spin it off into strange, new worlds where it wouldn’t be out of the ordinary to hear Drake rapping with Neutral Milk Hotel.

Just to back up a bit, Danger Grove really coalesced through the Nerdcore Hip-Hop Facebook group, which holds an annual competition that challenges a producer/vocalist team to create five original tracks in three-week intervals to be judged by their panel of experts. Despite facing stiff competition each round, Danger Grove was voted the overall winner for 2017, with the next logical step seemingly to release those five songs as an EP.

However, with their creative juices now flowing, the pair put together additional tracks—several graciously featuring their Nerdcore Hip-Hop contemporaries—to flesh out a full album. What makes Danger Grove truly work is how these two artists who met online complement each other’s strengths so well. Danger Grove’s Want, For Nothing is indeed the beginning of a beautiful friendship destined to produce more exciting, powerful and unclassifiable work with the potential to shape the future of Canadian hip-hop for years to come. All are welcome.

Out October 19, 2018 across Canada on coaxrecords.com

US and worldwide fans, we got you covered right here.


released October 19, 2018

all words by Jesse Dangerously, except where obvious

all production by Lizard Grove

extra instrumentation by Jesse (banjolele, korg monotron, Roland MT-40, Kala fretless u-bass) and Kadesh Flow (trombone on Numberwang!)

mastered by RoboRob (not to be confused with Robo Robb) djroborob.bandcamp.com

beautiful artwork by Meghan Lands - even more beautiful on the vinyl, CD and cassette in real life!!

illustrations accompanying tracks 1+2,3,5,8,10 by Benjamin Comeau

label stuff for Canada by Rae Spoon at Coax Records coaxrecords.com

publicity by Jason Schneider Media


all rights reserved



rap legend Jesse Dangerously Ottawa, Ontario

Genuine Independent Rap Legend (GIRL)

member of Backburner crew
half of Danger Grove w Lizard Grove
half of The Library Steps w Ambeez & Illgil
one-third of Imaginary Friends w Thesis Sahib & MC Frank Deluxe
one-third of The Sentinels w ginzuintriplicate & Naked J

partially culpable for the nerdcore problem
... more

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